NJC Pay calculator – how much have you lost?

October 14 is the next day of action on NJC Pay for local government workers. Your Branch is calling on all members to adhere by the union’s call for strike action, after members voted for it in the lawful ballot held.

In the previous 4 years, the average local government worker has suffered pay cuts running into thousands of pounds.

To find out the precise impact on you and your family at your pay level, use UNISON’s pay calculator:


However, there’s no need to accept the employer’s woeful offer. Now is the time to stand up for fair pay, for your pay. We can achieve a better pay settlement, but only be taking action together.

NHS workers will be taking strike action on October 13, Civil servants will be taking strike action on October 15, and Local government workers are asked to do the same on October 14. Here in West Sussex we must make our contribution to this week of action, culminating in the TUC’s national demonstration, if we ever wish to receive a pay award above inflation again.

Contact the Branch office if you have questions about our action, and also to volunteer for the picket lines.