UNISON’s legal support

As well as providing legal support with employment tribunals and settlements, UNISON’s legal team Thompsons also support members with other types of legal claim.

Our branch often has members receiving our legal support to settle industrial injury claims arising from their work. But not only that, our legal team will support you with claims which arise outside the workplace.

One such claim was for a branch member who had a car accident in 2015. The other side’s insurers refused to settle the claim. UNISON supported our member. The claim took a long time to settle, but has been done so now with our member receiving £20,000 in compensation for the injuries sustained in the accident.

Legal help can be accessed via UNISON’s helpline on 0800 0 857 857, or by visiting https://www.unison.org.uk/get-help/services-support/legal-services/for-you-and-your-family/