UNISON West Sussex is a local government branch of over 6,000 members who work within the county of West Sussex delivering public services for a range of employers. These include West Sussex County Council, schools and academies, further education colleges, home and social care providers, charities and voluntary groups, outsourcing giants like Capita, and many more.

Membership of UNISON costs a monthly subscription, which can be paid for by direct debit or directly from your payroll if your employer has this facility. It’s simple to join UNISON and get essential cover wherever you work in West Sussex.

Join via one of the three ways below:

  1. Download an application form to pay subs through your employer’s payroll facility.
    Email your form to: or post to our Chichester office (address below).
  2. Download an application form to pay subs by Direct Debit.
    Post your original form to our Chichester office: UNISON West Sussex, County Hall, West Street, Chichester, PO19 1RQ.
  3. Join online at

For any enquiries about membership, call 01243 777636 or email

Subscriptions are based on a sliding scale according to your total gross, annual pay. Sometimes your payslip will tell you what this amount is if you are not sure. This means that if you are part-time, you pay less, as subscriptions are based on your actual total pay before tax, not your full-time equivalent salary.

Subscription bands

Annual salary and monthly cost
Up to £2,000 £1.30
£2,001-£5,000 £3.50
£5,001-£8,000 £5.30
£8,001-£11,000 £6.60
£11,001-£14,000 £7.85
£14,001-£17,000 £9.70
£17,001-£20,000 £11.50
£20,001-£25,000 £14.00
£25,001-£30,000 £17.25
£30,001-£35,000 £20.30
over £35,000 £22.50

Don’t delay, join today!

UNISON influences the collective aspects of your working life, particularly where we are ‘recognised’ by the employer. For example, your pay and allowances, how good the pension is you receive, your sickness policy and how it is applied, your employer’s redundancy policy, and so on. We achieve more for you if you are inside the union, as employers have to listen to us if we are strong.

Other reasons to join include the individual support you can receive: such as representation in formal meetings, legal advice, and support from solicitors at Employment Tribunals. But UNISON has rules about what support we can give members who join with issues which pre-date their membership, or occur within 4 weeks of joining. Support is much more limited in those circumstances, so don’t wait for a problem – join today!