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Being in UNISON is actually about much more than simply protecting yourself when you have issues at work. Unions are an essential counter balance to the power of governments, bosses and other elites. History tells us that working people have never been given concessions by those in power. We have to take them. And working people have to be organised to do that, through their trade unions.

Joining the union is your first step to help you and your family to live in a fairer and more just society.

And if you work for an employer where UNISON is ‘recognised’, we usually negotiate all your terms and conditions – from pay and pensions to all the policies in your workplace which affect your working life.

We support union members in all these ways, but if you need help due to an issue you have in your workplace, or at home, then these sections of our website will explain how to access the comprehensive support your union membership affords you.

See our At Work and At Home sections for more.