Training and time off

Either locally, online or through our regional offices in Brighton, Guildford, Southampton and Havant, we provide excellent training for activists.

Paid time off can usually be obtained so you can attend. Courses are paid for by UNISON so neither you personally or your employer will be liable for course fees.

This time off is called facility time, and is provided for under employment law to enable trade union reps to be able to operate effectively. It covers training, and what we call other union ‘duties’ and ‘activities’. If you become a rep for the branch we will explain to you your rights to facility time, and notify your employer of your election to the role.

Becoming a UNISON rep can help you with your career development goals, as you will get access to a range of training and study opportunities you are unlikely to get access to in your main job.

Take a look at the UNISON South East training programmes (below) for ideas of courses you can take part in as a workplace rep. All training is currently being delivered online with a mixture of both virtual and classroom based training planned for 2022.

UNISON South East Course Programme 2022

Please also have a look at the new guide for UNISON reps on how to request paid time off to attend training:
A Guide to Facility Time