1 June advice for schools’ members

This is advice for all branch members in West Sussex schools and academies

This advice is presented for members below but was also sent to members directly by the national office in the evening of 28 May. It follows a series of emails the branch has sent members directly as the situation has unfolded, the most recent of which is here. If you do not have an email address registered with the branch, please contact us.

UNISON does not believe it is safe to reopen schools on 1 June. It is particularly not safe for members who fall into certain categories which make them more vulnerable to serious consequences from catching Covid-19.

Members who also believe it is unsafe for them to return to school are advised to take the following steps:

  1. Urgently contact us, your local UNISON branch
  2. Ask for a copy of your employer’s risk assessment – have you been consulted on it? Does it comply with the joint unions’ checklist for a safe increase in pupil numbers for primary schools or special schools?
  3. If not, and you have expressed your concerns to your school, but these have not been addressed and you feel that your health and safety is at serious risk if you attend the workplace on 1 June, use the template below to send a letter to your employer, copying in the branch office.
  4. Do not attend the workplace, but stay in touch with the branch.

Template letter

Download (DOCX, 38KB)