No more £10 vouchers

We’re sorry to have to report that the Branch’s £10 recruitment incentive for members must stop from 1 January 2015. New guidelines from HMRC and UNISON’s national office mean our scheme and others like it across the UK could compromise rules on payment for services and contracts of employment.

We may decide to hold time-limited recruitment campaigns offering vouchers as an incentive, but we cannot offer this incentive on an ongoing basis. The decision was endorsed by Branch Committee on 24 September.

The Branch will honour vouchers for any new members recruited before 31 December 2014. So, to make sure you benefit from the vouchers, try to recruit as many new members as possible before the end of the year! Make sure you put your name on the back of the form your colleagues use to join.

We hope you understand the reasons for this decision and know that it’s beyond our control.