Branch welfare payments for members

The branch is acutely aware that many of our members working for employers who offer poor terms and conditions may enter a period of hardship. Particularly this will be members working for employers who are small, do not recognise UNISON, only offer Statutory Sick Pay, and may force members in certain circumstances to accept a reduction in hours.

UNISON will always try to work with such employers first and foremost to encourage them to do the right thing. However it will not always be possible to effect such changes at short notice.

Therefore the branch’s Staff Side Executive Committee has agreed the following:

  • That the branch’s welfare fund will be made available for emergency payments to members;
  • That we will facilitate any branch member’s application to the national welfare fund.

What this means

If you are entering a period of acute financial hardship because your employer will only pay you Statutory Sick Pay or has reduced your hours of work, you can apply to the branch for a one-off grant of £250.

These grants will be issued on a first come, first served basis until such time as the branch welfare fund is depleted. After this, we will support members with applications to the national welfare fund.

Members applying for a grant will need to self-declare that they have personal savings of less than £1,000 and provide a recent payslip or payslips with evidence of SSP or reduced hours being applied due to Corona Virus.

Please download the form to apply.

Thank you.