Budget proposals

A full council meeting scheduled for 14 February will be where cuts for 2020-21 are finally decided. UNISON remains highly concerned about cuts identified for the library service (opening hours and mobile library service), residential and day care services and the post-16 service, amongst others.

The post-16 service does excellent work with vulnerable young people who are identified as being NEET (not in education, employment or training). The select committee for the service rightly identified that cuts to the post-16 team would be entirely incongruous with the council’s stated intention to improve its children’s services after its Ofsted rating was published in May 2019. The select committee has recommended to the cabinet member that no cuts are made to the post-16 service at all.

UNISON has been working hard behind the scenes on this. We also will continue to highlight unnecessary spending like chief executive bonuses and senior executive expenses. Where restructures are unavoidable due to government cuts, UNISON will support members so they get the best possible outcomes.