Childcare Disqualification: clarification issued by DfE

Hundreds of teachers and support staff have been suspended in the last few months amid confusion over child protection rules in England’s schools.

UNISON has been pushing the DfE to clarify when and where staff involved in childcare should be barred from such a role if they live with someone who may have committed a relevant offence. This is known as ‘disqualification by association’.

We are pleased to report that the DfE under pressure from UNISON and teaching unions has now clarified the guidelines. If you are employed in an activity classified as ‘childcare’, please read the revised guidelines, which set out:

  1. Who the guidelines apply to and who they do not;
  2. The responsibilities of schools and childcare professionals when requesting information from a third party;
  3. A list of relevant offences;
  4. Redeployment, waivers and pay arrangements during suspensions.

If you require further information or find yourself suspended or at risk of suspension, please contact the branch office for advice and representation.