Counting the cost of council cuts for women

Please tell us how cuts to local services have affected you and your family and be part of UNISON’s campaign against local government cuts!

Women have been disproportionately affected by the coalition government’s austerity measures. Women’s unemployment is the highest it has been for 25 years and women are paying for 74% of £14.9billion welfare cuts.

Four years of cuts to local government funding has also had serious consequences for women, who are the first to be affected by council cuts to services and jobs. Women make up 77% of council staff, are more likely to use public services than men and ‘fill the gaps’ as services are closed.

As part of UNISON’s Save Our Local Services campaign, we are writing a new report that exposes the damage local government cuts have caused for women. To do this we need your help – please be a part of this campaign by taking part in our survey at this link:

Please send this survey on to every woman you know – your responses will help us to tell the real story of how cuts to public services affect women.

If you have any queries or questions about the survey please email