Labour ‘will ban’ outsourcing of public services to private firms

Private companies will be banned by a Labour government from running services that deal with vulnerable people and their rights, under a far-reaching plan to restrict outsourcing.

The party has drawn up the plan in response to what it describes as a series of ‘outsourcing disasters’ involving services handed to private firms – from testing for sickness benefits to the operation of some NHS cancer services.

Both central and local government would have to follow new statutory guidance, which would see a major increase in the services run in-house by councils and Whitehall departments.

This commitment shows that Labour is serious about restructuring the economy, and driving better value and social value from public services. If implemented the plans will have a major impact on UNISON West Sussex members, both delivering and using services which would return to public hands.

This was reported in The Observer newspaper at the weekend, and you can read more on their website.