Laurence Crossan, RIP

The West Sussex branch is extremely sorry to have to report that branch caseworker Laurence Crossan passed away on Sunday 12 March in hospital after a short illness.

Laurence worked for West Sussex branch members for 10 years since January 2013 and made a massive contribution to the branch’s work, capability and reputation in this field.

Laurence personally supported hundreds of members and achieved some very positive outcomes for members in that time. Laurence was a fantastic and accomplished caseworker. If you had Laurence on your side, you knew you were getting brilliant representation and that your case would be put to its best possible effect in front of management or councillors.

Before Laurence worked for the branch, he had various senior roles within WSCC HR, including Head of Equalities.

He will be missed by all his colleagues, friends and comrades at the UNISON West Sussex branch team and by the many members and council staff who got to know him.

Our deepest condolences go out to Laurence’s family.

Laurence Crossan image

Laurence Crossan, RIP