Local pay consultation

UNISON has now submitted its response on local pay for 2019-20 to WSCC. Our response covered the 2% offer and whether or not UNISON should push for statutory recognition for future pay awards.

We surveyed members and also asked non-members for their views on this occasion because their views are important for the branch to understand if we decide to pursue statutory recognition, and would be taken into account by the Central Arbitration Committee.

You can read the full paper below, but the key outcomes were:

  • 99% said they wanted to ACCEPT the offer of 2% (the offer matched NJC staff and was without links to performance. UNISON recommended acceptance)
  • 96% said they wanted UNISON to push for statutory recognition for future pay awards

We anticipate an announcement from WSCC shortly on the 2019-20 pay award.

Thanks to members who completed the survey. You can read the full response below, including members qualitative feedback.

Download (DOCX, 35KB)