Lockdown 2 advice for members in Schools

This advice is for members in schools, free schools and academies, regardless of employer

The position for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV) individuals is clear: they should now be at home during the period of Second Lockdown, on full pay.

The bulk of UNISON member concerns will most likely be around the Clinically Vulnerable (CV) group and those who live with people who are either CEV (LCEV) or CV (LCV) who are instructed to be at work.

Where there is a concern for members in CV, LCEV and LCV groups:

  • Get your individual risk assessment updated – risk assessments should now be reviewed;
  • If concerned about the updated individual risk assessment not being suitable and sufficient and reducing the risk to you – challenge it and speak to UNISON;
  • If you believe you belong in the CEV group or there are additional risks to you or someone you live with, speak to your GP and ask them to put you on the shielded list and provide a letter stating you should not attend the workplace. (if you are on the shielded list you are CEV and can work from home and be on full pay.)
  • If your GP will not put you on the shielded list and you still believe after your risk assessment has been updated, that attending work is not safe, you should speak to the UNISON West Sussex branch or your school rep and consider using a template letter we will provide you to withdraw from attending work and make yourself available to work from home instead. No member should submit the template letter until they have been advised by the branch.

All other individuals will be expected to be in the workplace subject to it being COVID Safe and having a risk assessment in place that mitigates risk from C-19.

In West Sussex schools it has been agreed that staff who wish to wear face coverings may do so. This remains the case. It is not however acceptable to allow vulnerable staff to wear PPE but then ignore other issues such as crossing bubbles, social distancing guidelines and the risk of underlying health conditions.