More Capita services brought back in-house

61 Capita staff will be TUPE’d back to West Sussex County Council with effect from 1st August. They work in the ‘Service Finance’ function supporting a range of financial transactions and work in Adults’ and Children’s Services particularly.

The branch has had detailed negotiations with Capita and WSCC over several weeks to ensure the best possible conditions for staff to return back to WSCC. Our aim has been to ensure that a two-tier workforce does not become the norm within the council itself. Our discussions have been positive with agreements made.

The Capita contract has had a troubled past to say the least. New members can read our ground-breaking research into the contract from 2015 here. The branch has commented on previous insourcings which received TV coverage. The insourcing of Service Finance was covered in July in the West Sussex press and you can read it here.

The branch welcomes back members who were outsourced in 2012 to the council, as well of course as new members on Capita contracts who have a new employer from August 1. The branch will shortly be considering how to ensure that the best possible service delivery and terms and conditions for members are secured as we approach the end of the Capita contract in 2022 and the council decides what should replace it.