NEC elections: why we’re backing Dan

Ian Harvey, Branch Chair writes:

West Sussex branch has nominated our Branch Secretary Dan Sartin for the National Executive Council elections.  Watch out for your ballot paper arriving soon.

Dan is a fantastic Branch Secretary and he understands what needs to change in UNISON.

Branches do an ever-increasing amount of the work that matters to you: representing you, negotiating with management, or supporting you through a restructure.

Branches need more support from the wider union and UNISONaction candidates will change that.

It’s time for UNISON to punch to its weight!

I am proud to offer my support for Dan.


The West Sussex branch has nominated the UNISONaction slate of candidates because:

  • we need a national, co-ordinated response by the full force of UNISON against cuts, privatisation, pay freezes, attacks on terms and  conditions, and to defend the NHS;
  • branches must not be left to fight these battles alone;
  • it is time for UNISON to punch its weight and clean up its act;
  • we need an end to unelected full-time officials calling the shots and interfering in the democracy of our union.

UNISONaction rank and file candidates are standing together across the countries of the UK to democratise our union.

In the South East, your UNISONaction candidates are Diana Leach, Jacqui Berry and Dan Sartin.

Visit their joint Facebook page: