NJC Pay Claim 2018/19

The UNISON NJC (National Joint Council) Committee, made up of elected UNISON representatives, met on Thursday 27th April to discuss the contents of the draft pay claim for 2018/19.

The UNISON NJC Committee is recommending the following:

A 5% increase on all NJC pay points and deletion of NJC pay points 6-9.

The NJC Committee is formally consulting with branches on the claim. In considering the proposed claim, the Committee took into account the following factors:

  • The aspiration of UNISON to achieve the Foundation Living Wage at the lowest pay point
  • The ongoing decline in our members’ pay – worse than for any other workforce in the public sector. Pay is lower compared to other public sector groups throughout the NJC pay spine
  • Unprecedented cuts in local government funding and increased pressure on schools
  • The immense pressure our members are under with ever increasing workloads, deteriorating terms and conditions and persistent job insecurity
  • The compression at the lower end of the NJC pay spine, which is over-riding job evaluated differentials and the need to maintain the differentials which might emerge from the pay spine review
  • The need for a simple claim which is easy for members to understand. It should be seen as realistic and have credibility with members

UNISON West Sussex Branch Committee will be discussing the claim at its meeting on 24th May 2017. We are keen to hear from members who have any views on the proposed claim before this date: please email office.unison@westsussex.gov.uk with your comments.

The Branch will respond to the national UNISON consultation by the deadline of 26th May.

Read the UNISON NJC Committee Background Economic Paper here.