NJC pay settled for 2021-22

NJC pay for 2021-22 for England, Wales and Northern Ireland has now been settled.

The final pay offer of 1.75% (2.75% for those on the bottom pay point) from 1 April 2021 should
now be implemented by all employers. Employers have been asked to pay all backpay, and have been provided with NJC pay rates applicable from 1 April 2021.

West Sussex County Council is working hard to ensure that the pay rise is paid with the March 24th pay day, with applicable backpay.

If you work for an employer that applies NJC pay rates but does not use the WSCC payroll facility, like some academies, please contact the branch if you have any concern that your employer is not planning to implement the award as soon as possible. The West Sussex branch is now in the process of contacting key employers in this category ourselves (e.g. academies, Capita).

Backpay for members who have left employment since 1 April 2021 will be paid if requested by the member (now an ex-employee) to do so.

The priority must now be to agree the pay claim for 2022-23 and launch a pay campaign, highlighting the cost of living crisis and the need for a decent pay increase for all local government workers.

The NJC Committee meets next week and will receive feedback from regional representatives on the 2021 campaign and what the 2022 pay claim should look like. We will then launch a branch consultation on the headline claims for 2022. The headline Retail Price Index rate of inflation is currently at 7.8%.

Members voted by 70% for industrial action and in rejection of the 1.75% offer, but the numbers of members taking part in the ballot fell well short of what is required under law to strike.

As part of the 2021-22 settlement, the NJC has agreed to recommence the review of Term-Time Only working arrangements, which was paused at the outbreak of the pandemic. The NJC has also agreed to enter into discussions on homeworking policies, mental health support and maternity etc leave.

As soon as West Sussex County Council publishes its revised pay scales we will share these on with members.