Off the grid – how to find school HR policies

West Sussex County Council has now launched its successor platform to the old ‘Grid for Learning’ which was decommissioned at the end of last year.

The new platform, hosted through a website, is called ‘West Sussex Services for Schools’ (WSSfS). It is important for members and UNISON reps because it hosts all the policies, guidance and procedures relating to your employment in school. So for example, everything to do with the sickness absence procedure, grievance process, ill-health retirement, job evaluation, role profiles and health and safety, to name but a small fraction.

WSSfS does not have the same widely-enjoyed access as the old Grid for Learning. This means your school is now responsible for providing all staff with access to HR policies, guidelines and attachments to contracts of employment. These must be provided in hard copy in a staff room or through the administrative office or on your school’s intranet.

After negotiation, UNISON reps and branch officers will continue to have full access to real-time content on WSSfS. So if you need to access a document, or want support from UNISON because you know what you want to know but can’t find the right document, contact your local school or academy UNISON rep, or the branch office.