Retiring? You can still remain a UNISON member…

West Sussex Retired Members’ Secretary Ruby Cox outlines some of the benefits of retaining union membership after you retire.

“If like me, you were an active union member, you might feel you’ve fallen off a cliff when you retire! UNISON has a parallel structure for retired members so there’s plenty to get involved in and it’s very rewarding. I’ve met lots of new friends and like-minded souls.

“Retired members’ groups such as ours focus on how we can support the branch, protecting the rights of older and vulnerable people. Others meet socially. There’s room for both.

“Most union members understand the benefits of solidarity and sticking together. Becoming a retired member ensures you’re part of a network keeping you informed, offering advice when you need it and giving you the opportunity to speak out about things that matter to you.

“Just because we’re retired doesn’t mean we don’t care about what happens to younger members, including ex-colleagues still in work. As a retired member you’ll still be part of an organisation striving to create a better society for all.

“You can still enjoy a wide range of union benefits (e.g. legal representation for non-work issues, discounts, financial advice) and you’re still very much a member of the branch. You can be involved in whatever way suits you best.

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