New ‘Skills for Schools’ website

UNISON’s ‘Skills for Schools’ website is a new, innovative, easy-to-use online guide to careers, training and development for staff based in schools. Lorraine Solti, UNISON West Sussex branch committee member and science technician at Regis School, Bognor is featured as one of its ‘real life stories’.

Whether you’d like to develop yourself in your current role, or you’re interested in moving on to another one, learning or training can help you take the next step. The ‘Skills for Schools’ website is where you can find out about the eight main types of qualification you can work towards on your learning journey. Which route you take depends on where you are now, where you want to go and what is actually available. But the website will point you in the right direction.

To help you choose the courses that might be useful to you, Skills for Schools has developed a simple, interactive career planner to help you identify the next steps to take. Learn from the experience of others or browse the library for resources you may find useful locally.

This UNISON owned and managed website is an invaluable resource to help your career and skills development. You’ll be surprised by the number of opportunities available to you.

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