Social work assessment and accreditation: workforce views

The Department for Education is currently in the process of introducing a new assessment and accreditation scheme for children and family social workers. This scheme will represent a significant change for the profession. There is the possibility that in the future participation in the scheme will become mandatory for adult social workers as well, but for now it will just have to be completed by children and family social workers in England.

When the scheme was first proposed in 2015 UNISON met with the Chief Social Worker for children and families to discuss it. The scheme was piloted between December 2015 and February 2016 at a number of local councils. The Chief Social Worker said she was extremely keen to hear the views of UNISON members who have taken part in the trial.

Therefore, UNISON carried out a survey in March 2016 consisting of 14 questions for social workers at the councils where the scheme was being piloted. 100 social workers completed the survey from 15 different councils. In the brief report attached below we present a summary of the key findings.

UNISON will be calling on the Department for Education to listen to the views of our members and for them to prioritise tackling the fundamental issues that are currently blighting the profession ahead of introducing the new scheme.

UNISON feedback on the piloting of the Assessment and Accreditation Scheme