Survey: your learning needs

UNISON West Sussex recently held taster ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions, covering various topics, to gauge interest in learning, which proved very popular.

On the back of this success, we are sending all our members an online survey to find out what learning you would like us to offer and where. The type of learning can be tailored to suit your individual needs and range from group courses to online training, personal to professional development and formal to informal learning.

In the survey, you will find a sample of the type of learning we can offer. However, please note that UNISON West Sussex has an open book to deliver whatever we want, wherever, provided the need has been identified in the survey.

Take part in the Survey here by 31st March.

If you would like help completing the survey or have any training or development questions, please contact Mervyn Sams, UNISON Education Officer via e mail: or call 0330 22 27965.

Your answers are confidential, will not be shared with your employer and will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Members who have already completed the previous pilot survey are asked to re-complete the survey which has now been amended in light of their feedback.