‘We Own It’ campaign video launched

‘We Own It’ has launched a 30 second video this week.

It is part of their campaign to bring railways, water and energy into public ownership, arguing that it would save the tax payer money. You can read their manifesto on public ownership.

‘We Own It’ is a campaigning organisation for public ownership and against the privatisation of key public services, such as transport, water, energy, care work, council services, education, the NHS. We Own It say:

Public services belong to all of us. We built them, we pay for them, we use them every day. Over the past 30 years, politicians have taken an ideological approach, selling off our public assets and outsourcing our services. But privatisation has failed again and again. Public ownership is highly popular, totally achievable and would save us money.

The Branch is pleased to see that the debate on outsourcing and privatisation is a big part of the general election. It is absolute common sense and eminently achievable to bring these services back under public control, no matter what anyone would have you believe.

Watch the video here:

UNISON West Sussex worked with ‘We Own It’ in 2015 after the Branch researched the effectiveness of the WSCC Capita contract (see the full report here). We Own It were interested in our research and helped to publicise it to the academic community.

Want to find out more?
For further information, including the ‘We Own It’ vision and manifesto and how supporters can act now, visit https://weownit.org.uk/