Workplace injuries: UNISON support

If you’re unfortunate enough to receive a workplace injury, UNISON can guide you through the various routes to benefits and support that may be available to you.

If your capacity to work is impaired by injury or you’re unable to work at all, there are various channels we can use to negotiate the best support packages for your case. The industrial  injuries allowance (IIA) provides financial assistance depending on the severity of the injury. It can give you an income when you can no longer be gainfully employed, when you’re on long-term sick leave or when your sick pay runs out. There are various ‘tiers’ of IIA, depending on the injury involved and the resulting level of disability. Awards are negotiated with your employer and must be supported by detailed and relevant medical evidence. A yearly allowance of over £10k until retirement age, with periodic reviews, has recently been awarded to a West Sussex member.

There is also the opportunity to make a personal injury (PI) claim. These are managed by  UNISON’s solicitors Thompsons. Again, they rely on substantial medical evidence to be successful, but in many cases, this can be provided by qualified medical practitioners.

One member received a workplace injury resulting in not being able to work. Thompsons took on the case and successfully negotiated an award over £30k. This doesn’t make up for the extent of injuries, but it makes life that bit easier to manage. It’s likely this would not have been awarded without UNISON intervention.

Ill-health retirement (IHR) is often a keenly disputed area, but if any member feels they should have been awarded this and were not, there is the opportunity to lodge an appeal, should further medical evidence become available.

Being injured at work is not something most of us would consider, but if you are injured, it’s good to know the union will be by your side to champion your case.

For more information call the UNISON Direct helpline 0800 0 857 857.