WSCC members: is your diversity data up-to-date?

West Sussex County Council is trying to improve the diversity data it holds for staff, which is not as complete as it should be. UNISON supports them with this aim and so is strongly encouraging members to take a moment to go onto SAP (via the staff Intranet) to update your details.

Having accurate diversity information about staff helps WSCC and trade union partners to work towards our shared goals of:

  • Having a diverse workforce that reflects the communities we serve;
  • Being a workplace where everyone can be themselves, feel valued, supported, and included;
  • Providing equal opportunity and access to all staff.

Diversity data is treated confidentially and is only used to provide insight on the workforce as a whole and not for any other purposes. The data you provide is not available to your manager or colleagues.

WSCC will use the data alongside the Pulse Survey results and feedback from UNISON and staff groups to gain a better understanding of the workforce so together we can:

  • Ensure WSCC policies and processes are fair and objective, and to set appropriate targets for improvement;
  • Identify the actions/ initiatives that WSCC need to take in collaboration with UNISON and staff to progress the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion agenda;
  • Review progress against targets, and measure impact.

Is your ‘diversity data’ up to date on SAP? Please take a moment to check and update it!

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How to update Diversity data in SAP