NEC Elections: branch nominations

The National Executive Council runs UNISON and determines the kind of union it will be. 3 branch members are standing in this year’s elections: Dan Sartin, Abi Holdsworth and Kiera Hilder. The ballot will be open from 4-27 May. Lookout for your ballot paper which will be posted to your home address.

Our branch knows the candidates well. We’ve nominated the following candidates for the 2021 NEC elections following discussion at our branch exec committee held on 17 February for the following reasons:

UNISON is crying out for a new NEC leadership.

The candidates we nominated have the best track record of leadership and fighting for members.

They stand to transform UNISON and our branch backs them for that.

They will:

  • Make UNISON stronger so we can win for members;
  • Redirect union resources to branches, so we can better support you at work;
  • Coordinate national action on pay so UNISON mounts a serious pay campaign;
  • Put greater resourcing and focus on Covid-19, so we can protect our members;
  • Fight against the scourges of racism, homophobia, disability discrimination and sexism.

Please use your vote!

Dan Sartin

South East Male seat West Sussex branch

Abi Holdsworth

South East Reserved seat West Sussex branch

Jac Berry

South East Female seat Medway Health branch

Ant Solera

South East Female Central & East Berkshire branch

Kiera Hilder

Young Members General seat West Sussex branch

Lilly Boulby

Young Members Female seat Sheffield Teaching Hospitals branch

Nimi Trivedi

Black members Female seat Carmarthenshire branch

Julia Mwaluke

Black members Reserved seat Salford branch

Diana Leach

Local Government General seat Brighton & Hove branch

Andrea Egan

Local Government Female seat Bolton branch

Jane Doolan

Local Government Female seat Islington branch

Paul Holmes

Local Government Male seat Kirklees branch

Saoirse Fanning

Community Female seat CVS Northern Ireland branch

Kevin Jackson

Community General seat Berkshire Healthcare & Community

Kath Owen

Higher Education Female seat Leeds University branch

Sandy Nicoll

Higher Education General seat SOAS branch

Claire Dixon

Health Female seat Whittington Hospital branch

Su Edwards

Health Female seat Liverpool Hospitals branch

Kevin Corran

Health Male seat Greater Manchester Mental Health

Joe Hale

Health General seat Swansea Bay Healthcare branch

John Jones

WET General seat United Utilities branch