WSCC Adults’ Services: Best Interest Assessments

Following member concerns, UNISON has raised the issue of the Best Interest Assessments (BIA) rota with management.

Previously those who volunteered to complete the training and participate in a rota to undertake assessments did so as they believed their commitment was for a limited period. However, members contacted us after those who had done the training were told they needed to continue to commit to the rota.

Due to the current backlog and level of risk Adults’ Services decided to change the way the  assessment work is managed. WSCC considers BIAs an appropriate social worker task (this is expected in other authorities), and wants assessments to be included with business as usual. Their intention is that eventually all social workers and occupational therapists complete BIA training.

UNISON has raised several issues regarding this change including how this additional work will be prioritised and managed. Policy/guidance is being developed as a response and there was a commitment to include UNISON in this work.

UNISON has now seen the draft policy/guidance and fed back member concerns. We are awaiting sight of the final document, which should then be released to staff.

In the meantime any requests for exceptions will be considered on an individual basis.