Latest news on buying and selling annual leave

WSCC will be introducing a scheme for buying and selling annual leave (excluding schools) for 2018/19.

A window will be opened to apply during February.

UNISON has concerns about how the policy came about, as reported in the last issue of Branch Lines. We also conducted a detailed survey of our WSCC members to understand your position on it. 37% approved of the policy, 41% were against it and 22% didn’t know: hardly a resounding endorsement, but not a mandate either for the branch to oppose it.

Therefore, we had a long period of negotiation with the council to highlight 10 key concerns our members said in the survey they had about the policy. The council has responded positively to these.

In 2018/19 staff can buy up to three days’ additional leave. This should help mitigate any potential additional workload on staff: members were concerned that if colleagues could buy lots of extra leave, workload would simply transfer to those who could not afford to do so.

From 2019/20, in exceptional circumstances, selling up to three days’ leave will also be available.

We believe this is a better outcome for members. The scheme will be kept under review by both the council and UNISON, so let us know what impact it has on you in your team by contacting the branch office on 01243 777636 or