Capita contract: which way forward?

There is no doubt that when WSCC outsourced 600 staff in 2012 to Capita, things could not be said to have gone to plan.

In 2015 the branch commissioned external research into the Capita contract about service quality and the treatment of staff and this put evidence on the table. This in part led to a ‘contract reset’ process. This took a lot of time and effort and was due to commence from April 2016. But with the arrival of a new chief executive at WSCC in the summer of 2016, this was put on hold to allow both parties more time for consideration.

The contract reset was suspended, in favour of an ‘action plan’. This action plan is due to take effect soon.

UNISON is determined to ensure that Capita’s West Sussex staff are placed at the heart of any solutions to be found in the action plan. If they are looked after, and given the right support framework and tools to work with, services will prosper.

UNISON believes it is only right to look at insourcing individual services back to WSCC, and this should happen if it is the best thing for the service and staff. Insourcing should be looked at as a credible option all the time and for all services.

The branch will be in touch with Capita members again this summer. We want your views on how UNISON can best protect your interests at work as we enter the latest phase of the contract’s 10-year life.