Parking and staff travel

Parking has become a thorny issue at WSCC and for good reason. When WSCC closed satellite buildings to place staff in large hubs, it was obvious there would be problems where there is limited parking supply.

There has been a patchwork of solutions to this problem, but broadly these have worked: except in Horsham where there are particular difficulties due to lack of supply. UNISON negotiated a £60,000 investment in Piries Place spaces and a points system for County Hall North. This compared better to the lot of workers from Horsham District Council who were charged by their employer for parking in the same building.

WSCC’s new chief executive has responded to the problem by establishing a ‘Parking Forum’ which included volunteers who had expressed an interest on ‘The Big Conversation’ forum.

UNISON was to be excluded but we argued strongly for a place on the forum, which was agreed.

The remit of this Parking Forum expanded to include staff travel in its entirety.

These are your terms and conditions: what you are paid and how you are paid for travelling on behalf of WSCC.

UNISON has concerns about this way of developing policy. We await to see firm proposals from WSCC. But UNISON will seek to defend your interests and we have principles we wish to defend – with your support:

  • No reduction in mileage rates;
  • No charging for parking;
  • No punitive impact on low-paid staff.