Changes to shielding advice

You may have heard that the government is changing its shielding advice for people who are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV) to Covid-19.

It is advising that CEV staff who cannot work from home can return to the workplace from 1st April. In practice for CEV schools’ staff this means April 19th after the Easter holidays.

UNISON advises its members of the following:

  • Working from home is still the best option for CEV members and this should be actively considered by all employers;
  • If working from home is no longer deemed possible by the employer, an individual risk assessment should be carried out with all members prior to their return to the workplace;
  • This risk assessment should take account of medical advice supplied by a GP or medical specialist;
  • The employer may supplement this with an Occupational Health assessment if they choose;
  • The workplace must be made Covid-secure, and measures to protect staff within the workplace must also take account of individual needs and circumstances. This might mean additional protections are required for CEV staff.
  • The risk assessment needs the support of the member.

If you are feeling pressured to return to work and believe it could damage your health and safety, or you do not support the conclusions of a risk assessment that asserts it is safe for you to return to the workplace, please contact the UNISON office for advice or speak to your local rep.