UNISON member awarded compensation for injury at work

We’re pleased to report that one of our West Sussex branch members was recently awarded £3,000 compensation for an injury sustained at work. Our member was physically injured during a workplace incident on the South coast.

The union’s solicitors, Thompsons, were able to negotiate the settlement with the assailant’s representatives. Thompsons do not deduct fees or costs from settlements won, so our member received the full amount.

Cases such as this show the value of the union’s legal service. It also shows that the union is prepared to take cases that claim companies and no win/no fee solicitors will not.

It’s a member benefit we hope you never have to use, but it’s very reassuring to know you will be supported well by our legal representatives at no cost to yourself if you are ever injured at work.

No need to traipse the High Street looking for a solicitor at a time of injury, accident or stress. Just phone our office!

The damages awarded in the case above should help our health and safety reps negotiate workplace improvements so similar incidents can at least be reduced, if not prevented, in the future.