UNISON backs Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader

UNISON has decided to nominate Jeremy Corbyn as its preferred candidate for Labour Party leader and Angela Eagle as its preferred candidate for deputy leader. This was announced at the union’s Labour Link conference on Wednesday 29 July.

The UNISON West Sussex branch encourages all its members to register to vote and support the union’s candidates.

If you have not yet signed up to vote, you can do so in two ways:

  1. If you register as a Labour Party ‘supporter’ through the Labour Party website, you pay a one-off fee of £3 and will then be able to take part in the vote.
  2. If you are a member of the union’s Affiliated Political Fund (APF), it’s assumed you’re a Labour Party supporter and you won’t have to pay the £3 fee. However, you will still have to register to vote on the Labour party website. Any member of UNISON can choose to become an affiliated member at any time: simply contact the branch office and we’ll help you do this.

Why vote for Jeremy Corbyn and Angela Eagle?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be providing more detailed information on why we believe a vote for these two candidates is the best option for UNISON members.

Briefly, Jeremy is a lifelong trade unionist and was a union official representing local government workers. He opposes austerity and has a track-record of fighting for the needs of the disadvantaged and under-represented in Britain. He wants to preserve and strengthen public services and is the candidate closest to UNISON’s own agenda and priorities. He is clearly ‘on our side’.


Angela has always fought for workers’ rights and equality for all. She has said she will be the ‘members’ champion’ and is not afraid to ask tough questions. She fought for all-women shortlists and is proud to be Britain’s first openly lesbian MP.


We will send you reminders about voting and registration deadlines. Please make sure you sign-up to vote as soon as possible and support the union’s preferred candidates.

A vote for Corbyn & Eagle will have a significant positive impact for both you and your family, at work and at home.