Consultative e-ballot on FE Colleges pay

In May 2019 the Joint Unions formally submitted the 2019/20 pay claim to the Association of Colleges (AoC). The claim was:

  • £1 extra per hour for all staff.
  • The Foundation Living Wages to become the minimum wage for all staff.
  • An additional 5 days Annual Leave.

The recommendation from the AoC was:

 “In light of no additional funding for the current year we are making a pay recommendation for 2019/2020 of 1%, or £250 (whichever is the greater). We advise that those colleges who can afford to award staff more should do so, whilst we acknowledge that a number of colleges will be unable to do so.”

On 25 November 2019, the Further Education Committee decided to consult members on this recommendation and recommend that members reject it.

A consultative e-ballot for members will open on 6 January and close on 24 January.

Please look out for your consultative e-ballot email if you work in FE!