Vote to stay in EU: UNISON asks young workers

Young people are being encouraged to vote ‘remain’ on 23 June to safeguard the rights of millions of workers – and their own futures.

The turnout in the Europe referendum amongst young people will be decisive. It is their future that is on the line, and much of the power to decide the future of our country rests in their hands.


But young people are both more likely to support Britain remaining in Europe, yet less likely to vote.

UNISON has called on the 64,000 young workers represented by the union – including nurses and teaching assistants – to make a huge effort to turn out at the polls.

Speaking ahead of a UNISON youth summit last weekend, General Secretary Dave Prentis said: “This is a decision for a lifetime and young people hold the key to keeping Britain in the EU. By choosing to stay in, they will be safeguarding not only their futures, but those of millions of others.

“Young people, especially women, may feel disconnected from Europe but they have the most to lose if Britain ‘Brexits’. Parental leave, paid holiday, limits on excessive hours and the right to maternity pay are just some of the important benefits we receive from the EU which would be at risk if we left.

“The EU has also created life-changing opportunities for travel, work and study. It’s brought us deals such as the abolition of mobile phone roaming charges and cheap air travel, as well as freedom to get a job abroad without the restrictions of red tape or visas.

“The youth vote could prove decisive in whether this country stays in or leaves the EU. I’d urge young people who aren’t registered to vote to sign up today – it’s not too late to defend the rights that come with EU membership.”