Fixed term contract?

In the summer term the branch dealt with scores of restructures in schools which resulted in over 100 support staff losing their jobs. Due to the failure of government funding to be both adequate and stable, increasingly in schools staff are placed on fixed term or temporary contracts. But this does not mean you have fewer rights. Members on fixed term contracts have a right not to be treated less favourably.

In particular, if you have two years’ service in a fixed term contract and your school is restructuring, you:

  • must be included in any proposals for organisational change;
  • are entitled to apply for voluntary redundancy if it is generally offered;
  • are entitled to appeal your dismissal;
  • are entitled to a redundancy payment; and
  • must be automatically offered opportunities for redeployment.

If in any doubt about how you are being treated during a restructure, please contact your workplace rep or the branch office (