Your right to request flexible working

New regulations came into force earlier this year allowing employees to request flexible working conditions from their employer.

You can now apply to your employer for a change in terms and conditions of employment, relating to working hours, working time and the opportunity to work from home.

Notably, the right to request flexible working arrangements is no longer exclusive to parents and carers, and extends to all employees.

There are provisions for both employers and employees to consider when a request for flexible working conditions is put forward. The request must be submitted in writing by the employee, while an employer must deal with an employee’s request in a reasonable manner, and a decision must be provided within three months of the request being made.

If a request is unlawfully declined, an employee has the right to take their case to a tribunal.

Jo Stevens, of UNISON’s solicitors, Thompsons’, said: “The imminent change in legislation is a step in the right direction for employees and their working conditions. However, the UK continues to have some of the worst employment rights and protection for employees in Europe.”

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