Higher education members vote to accept pay offer

The result of the higher education pay consultation has been reported to the West Sussex branch.

The majority of members in all regions voted to accept the offer.

A total of 106 higher education institutions (HEIs) were included in the ballot.
72% of members in those HEIs voted to accept the pay award, with 28% voting to reject.

UNISON’s higher education service group noted the clear majority and decided to accept the pay offer.

The GMB has also accepted, whilst other unions have rejected on varying percentages and turnouts, although none have voted for strike action. It is likely that some unions will seek to invoke the disputes procedure, to which UNISON will be invited to participate as an observer.

We will keep members updated on the progress of the disputes procedure.

The offer is for a 1% pay increase from 1 August 2015 for higher education staff on pay point 9 and above of the national pay spine.

Increases for staff on the lowest points – 1 to 8 – would be between 2.65% and 1.2%, making the lowest point equivalent to the current living wage.