Branch makes its nominations for NEC elections

The National Executive Council runs UNISON and determines the union it will be. Three branch members are standing in this year’s elections:

  • Dan Sartin, Branch Secretary
  • Abi Holdsworth, Workplace rep
  • Kiera Hilder, Young Members Officer

The branch executive committee met on 17 February to decide its nominations (a full committee meeting was not scheduled during the short 5-week nominating period). The branch executive committee decided the following were the candidates it would wish to nominate and see elected (after receiving recommended nominations from members in the health, community, Higher Education and WET service groups):

Regional NEC seats (South East)

  • Dan Sartin
  • Abi Holdsworth
  • Jacqui Berry
  • Antoinette Solera

National NEC seats

Young members

  • Kiera Hilder
  • Lilly Boulby

Black members

  • Nimi Trivedi
  • Julia Mwaluke

Service Group NEC seats

Local Government

  • Diana Leach
  • Jane Doolan
  • Paul Holmes
  • Andrea Egan


  • Kevin Jackson
  • Saoirse Fanning


  • Claire Dixon
  • Su Edwards
  • Joe Hale
  • Kevin Corran

Higher Education

  • Sandy Nicoll
  • Kath Owen

Water, Environment & Transport (WET)

  • John Jones

Voting starts on 4 May, with postal ballot papers being mailed to members. Please take part!

A fuller account with pictures is available here.