UNISON NJC pay consultation to start

The NJC employers’ side has offered a two-year pay deal for two consecutive 1% increases in pay, for 16/17 and 17/18. There are slightly higher amounts for staff on NJC Grades 1 and 2, simply so they can keep up with the government’s new National Living Wage.

UNISON’s NJC Committee met on 7th January. At this meeting of elected UNISON reps, it was agreed:

  1. UNISON would recommend to members that they REJECT the offer;
  2. Branches will be responsible for conducting a consultation with members, which will end on 18th February;
  3. As well as consulting members on the two-year deal, members will be asked whether they would be prepared to take strike action, action short of a strike such as work-to-rule, and selective strike action.

Look out for branch circulars on the pay consultation, including your ballot form. These will be sent by email, so if you have not registered an email address with the branch, do so today by calling 01243 777636 or email the branch.

A consultative ballot is not a formal industrial action ballot. One will be triggered if members REJECT the offer in sufficient numbers. It’s your pay, and your pay rise which will impact the value of your pension. With falls in take home pay because of National Insurance rises this year, 1% is clearly unsatisfactory. Make sure you have your say and use your vote!