NJC Pay – pay ballot now underway

The online ballot has now been launched and voting will be possible until 12noon on Friday 9th March.

UNISON recommends that you REJECT the offer.

Key points

  • The Statutory Living Wage is the minimum an employer can legally pay you. It will rise to £8.55 per hour in 2020 (£16,495) regardless of the pay offer — so the % increases at the lower end of the offer are nowhere near as big in reality as they first appear.
  • If you are currently on Spinal Column Point 19 (top of Grade 5, £18,746) or above this offer would be another real terms pay cut due to inflation being higher than the value of the offer.
  • Your earnings have already fallen by at least 21% in real terms since 2010. £500 worth of wages in 2010 is only worth £395 today and would fall to £382 under this offer.

Myth buster!

  1. Myth 1 – You will get a 16% pay rise: simply not true, only a minority of our members will even get an above inflation pay rise over two years
  2. Myth 2 – The Pay Cap is smashed – the overwhelming majority of our members will suffer a 10th consecutive year pay cut
  3. Myth 3 – There is no more money – MPs have seen pay rises of 11% and the cost of restoring the House of Commons is estimated at £4bn. Money can always been found if there is a demand to do so.

UNISON says REJECT the offer.

Please VOTE in our consultative ballot and and show we are prepared to take action for fair wages.

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