The branch has continued to support members who have been overpaid because of administrative or other errors in calculating their pay.

This can happen in any employer, but there is no doubt that due to Capita’s management of WSCC’s payroll, UNISON has had to get involved in a great many overpayment situations.

In some of these, where an error can be shown to be Capita’s fault, and there is hardship likely to result to our members, UNISON can seek to have the overpayment waived. This has happened on three recent occasions for UNISON members.

The branch has also supported a member with a grievance. She was a social worker who was told she had been overpaid. A sum was immediately reclaimed from her wages without negotiation, with more to follow. There should always be negotiation with you prior to an overpayment being reclaimed as to simply take the money back can put you into unnecessary financial difficulty. UNISON got involved to support the member’s grievance. This was investigated and it turned out that WSCC owed the member money – not the other way around! The grievance was upheld and the member received a full apology and was paid back what she owed.

It is always worth talking to your UNISON rep if you are told you have been overpaid. UNISON membership can save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds at times like these.