Parking at WSCC: update

UNISON remains concerns about the proposal to implement changes to parking arrangements at Horsham and Chichester. You can read the consultation response we submitted previously. The new arrangements will go live in Horsham on April 23rd, and in Chichester later in the summer.

We recently surveyed members who did not qualify for free ‘priority user’ parking and who felt they were likely to experience a negative fallout from the new policy.

The results are below. They show significant numbers of WSCC and Capita staff who will look for alternative work once the policy goes live.

We shared the results with the Chief Executive at a recent meeting and asked him to consider what support should be made available to these predominantly low-paid staff. The Chief Executive was clear that any additional support would only be implemented if it could be achieved at zero cost to the county council. UNISON is disappointed with this position.

Discussions are ongoing as to whether impacted staff might be able to access district council parking permits at a reduced charge, though this will clearly now only happen if it can be achieved without cost. We’ll keep you up-to-date with progress.

Parking impacts