PRP: why it doesn’t work

UNISON has not forgotten about the 2018-19 HAY, SMG4 and AfC pay offer! After a lengthy delay it has now been confirmed that staff should expect a response from the council in early November.

The Chief Executive has said they intend to ‘listen and act upon‘ staff feedback, so staff will find out within the next couple of weeks if their understanding of the organisational value ‘listen and act upon’ is the same as that of the executive leadership.

Members meanwhile will find this short video of interest. It explains some of the science behind human motivation, and why incentives like Performance-Related Pay (PRP) do not work for the kind of complex tasks that public service workers undertake. In fact, PRP can have exactly the opposite effect to that intended by employers!

PRP failed to work at WSCC in the past, and it cannot be made to work at WSCC again – because it does not work! Please enjoy and share the 18-minute video with your colleagues.

Also, check out below UNISON’s briefing paper on PRP at West Sussex:

Download (PDF, 297KB)