Support for members

Errors made to payment of salary can cause financial hardship. Mervyn Sams, Capita Rep was asked by a member to try and sort out an issue with the wrong salary being paid. Capita management had passed her issue around three different managers, which delayed correcting the problem for many weeks. Within 24 hours of UNISON’s involvement , a solution was found and payment made. The member was very pleased with the outcome.

If you have a disability, finding the right support in the workplace is important, both for the individual and the business. A member contacted UNISON to ask for help. Our Capita Rep looked at the Occupational Health report and agreed, with management, the support that was needed . Through negotiation, a happy balance was achieved between adjusting the member’s work and meeting the needs of the service.

In a recent relocation of Office Services from Worthing to The Grange, a member raised concerns to their Rep about the impact the move would have on their family care responsibilities. With UNISON’s involvement, a strong case was presented, a local job was identified and the member was selected for the role and remains in Centenary House, Worthing.

Being sick during your leave is disappointing. A member was concerned when he was told that he could not roll over the time when he was sick on holiday to another time in the year. UNISON flagged up to management a judicial ruling in the European Court of Justice, which allows you to carry over leave when you are sick to another point in the year. Without UNISON’s intervention, the member’s ruined holiday would have been made all the worse.