UNISON/CAPITA Joint Consultative Committee

Like with most employers where UNISON is the recognised trade union, UNISON has a regular negotiating meeting with Capita, which we call a Joint Consultative Committee (JCC). UNISON Reps attend, along with Capita senior managers. The meetings are minuted and actions reviewed at subsequent meetings. If you would like something placed on the agenda for discussion please talk to your local Capita Rep. The following is a resume of the discussions held at our JCC meeting on October 23rd.

Car Parking County Hall North

The current overspill arrangements have come to an end. UNISON has suggested that Capita discuss with WSCC the possibility of co-funding an extension of similar arrangements whilst they attempt to find a resolution to the issue of insufficient parking spaces at County Hall North and the excessive cost of parking in the town. Areas being looked at are:

  • priority for spaces to be given to those with the greatest need, regardless of rank, i.e. disabled staff or those who need to be able to come and go regularly;
  • improvements to the Park and Ride facility;
  • discussions with bus companies to see if additional services can be provided.

Capita has promised wider consultation with staff going forward.

Sickness While on Annual Leave

Capita has confirmed that staff who are sick while on annual leave may claim the time back on production of a sickness certificate. The Capita staff handbook is currently incorrect and this will be looked into. Although UNISON West Sussex members can be appraised of their rights in this regard, UNISON has concerns that if the staff handbook is incorrect, managers will implement the wrong thing!

Recruitment Events and UNISON Notice Boards

UNISON will shortly be arranging some recruitment events in The Grange, County Hall, Chichester. This is likely to be in the form of stands in the breakout areas on each floor and flyers will be distributed soon. Additional notice boards on the ground and 2nd floor in The Grange will also be arranged.

Consultation on Relocations, Redeployment and Redundancies

UNISON is working with Capita to improve the processes for Consultation Agreements. Progress has been made but we now need to ensure compliance with good practice. UNISON Workplace Reps have since met with Capita Service Leads to discuss expectations on both sides and improve future communication.


UNISON reported that members had commented that some KPIs are inappropriate for the needs of the businesses. Areas are failing due to pressure from managers to prioritise KPI tasks above other business needs. Because of the financial impact of failing to meet targets, some members have been caused unnecessary stress due to these pressures. Data recording can also add significantly to workloads. Capita has stated that a review with WSCC of all KPIs has started but that this is likely to take a year to complete. Once the K2 and MIBI systems have been rolled out, this should aid data recording and further information about these will follow in Capita’s Team Talk.

Display Screen Equipment (DSEs)

Members have commented that working practices do not easily allow for adequate screen breaks, as a result of which they are experiencing increased eye and muscle strain. As the ways we work become increasingly more reliant on electronic workflow systems and self-service, the potential risks to health & safety are increasing. Capita will be alerting staff in Team Talk of the need to take adequate screen breaks. There is also some mandatory (online!) training coming up regarding this issue. Details can also be found under the Health and Safety sections on staff notice boards.

To see a copy of the Terms of Reference of the JCC, which include the principles for consultation with staff, please speak to your local Rep or contact the Branch office.