Trade Union Bill: key points

A YouTube video explaining the key points of the government’s proposed Trade Union Bill is now available for you to view.

In it, experts Professor Keith Ewing and John Hendy QC explain how the Bill is, in their opinion:

  1. An assault on the industrial and political freedoms of trade unions;
  2. A strategic attack on the public sector; and
  3. An announcement of utter contempt for civil liberties and human rights.

They question the need for such draconian measures to be imposed on trade unions, when their activities are already the most restricted in the developed world following legislation in successive governments over the past 30 years.

Please take time to view the video so you are fully aware of the possible implications for trade unions and their members should the Bill become law.

The Branch will be in touch with members in the coming months about the Trade Union Bill. If you are free to attend a mass TUC lobby of the Houses of Parliament on Monday 2nd November, please get in touch with the Branch office. We will reimburse rail fares.