UNISON accepts NJC Pay Offer

On our highest ever ballot turn-out, UNISON West Sussex members rejected the 2018/20 pay offer by 55%, with 45% voting to accept.

However, when the West Sussex branch results were put into the national pot, the picture was more mixed. UNISON members as a whole more narrowly rejected the employer’s offer, with 50.44% voting to reject and 48.66% to accept. (0.89% of ballot papers were spoilt.) 62% of branches and 8 out of 11 UNISON Regions voted to accept the offer.

Because of this more mixed picture, UNISON’s NJC Committee re-consulted with branches on the next steps. UNISON West Sussex affirmed our members’ wishes to reject the pay offer. But overall, 79% of branches and 10 out of 11 regions wanted at that stage to accept the pay offer. UNISON therefore has informed the employers of our acceptance of the offer.

What this means for you
The pay award is worth 2% in both 2018/19 and 2019/20. It is worth more at WSCC Grades 1 through to Grade 8 (spinal point 28)  – from 16% to 4.3% over two years. The offer was previously circulated, but to see what the pay award is worth to you, the NJC Pay table is below.

The branch will now be in touch with WSCC and other employers who pay NJC to some or all staff to ensure that the award is implemented as soon as possible. Back pay will be applicable as it will not be possible to implement the award for April.

The branch will enter talks with WSCC on how the award should be implemented in 2019/20, as the WSCC Pay spine may require adjustment to accommodate it.

Lastly, the branch will be discussing the HAY pay award with WSCC, which follows the NJC process.

Watch out for emails from the branch with further updates. Thanks go to members for their support and participation in this year’s claim.

Download (PDF, 56KB)